Dragon Rock

Dragon Rock

Long ago, dragons grew and thrived in this fertile valley, drawing strength from its enchanted waters. Now, only dragon rock remains, a monument to a bygone era.
Immerse yourself in a forgotten world and order your own high quality print for your home, office, or as a gift for a friend or family member!

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11/19/2020, 3:18:34 AM

"Personal" piece

Since this was my suggestion in a livestream of Eben, I am very proud to own an art poster of this. It ist just so strong and I can't wait to put it on a wall.


11/19/2020, 3:16:10 AM

Top Quality

The art print I received is top notch. I really like the vibrant colors in this one. Only shame is, that I will have to move house first to put it on a wall (no roo in my flat right now). But I can't wait to look at it every day. :-)


11/15/2020, 3:01:35 AM

Great Brush Pack

Brush pack is great and has everything you need to do a painting!


11/12/2020, 4:27:14 AM

Valuable Insights

This tutorial is awesome. The most valuable part is, that Eben gives us a deep insight into his process and artistic decisions. I really like the honest explanations of the single steps he takes to finish this piece. I can recommend it to anyone who wants to improve their workflow and add new tools to their toolbox. Thanks Eben for your work!


10/18/2020, 10:09:40 AM

Amazing pack!

Just recently started digital painting and I've been following Eben for a good while now: he's both such a great teacher and so generous. This pack is great for his amazing digital style and he's even released a video on YouTube on how to use it. Very well thought out pack and just so well made!


10/14/2020, 3:39:55 AM

Wonderful Brush Pack!

I really enjoy using these versatile brushes in my work. They allow me to work in a more traditional style and add a lot of "flavour/texture" to the image. A big plus is also, that the brush settings are already very thoughtfully chosen and nicely labeled.
I would buy them again!

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